“At Watt’s Guide, we love to explore ways to collect, store, and use electricity to do the things we want to do, even when we’re off the grid.”

Hello and welcome to Watt’s Guide,

I’m Gary, and I’ll be your tour guide through most of your experience here.

I say most because I’m also joined by my son Liam, who does the field testing of the products we review and handles all of our video production. 

Liam’s always had a bit of a travel bug, which he gets from his Mom, and a passion for photography and filmmaking. You see some of his work on YouTube and Instagram.  

I’ve always been mechanically inclined and a bit of a data geek so I handle the bench testing parts of our product reviews. And, since writing is more up my alley, you will often find me here on WattsGuide.com, sharing the latest Watt’s Guide reviews, DIYs, and blogs.

Along with Watt, our silent but often expressive companion, we work hard to provide unbiased reviews of … based on data and real world experience so that you can make the choice that best suits your needs.