How Many Watts Does a 75 Inch TV Use?

When choosing a new TV, energy efficiency is an important consideration if you’re tailgating, camping, living off-grid, or if you just want to conserve energy.

In this article, we will explore the power consumption of 75-inch TVs from different brands, based on the data collected on 39 different models from six different manufacturers. Let’s dive in.

How Many Watts Does a 75-inch TV Use?

To determine the average wattage of a 75-inch TV, data was collected on 75-inch TV wattage from leading TV manufacturers Hisense, LG, Philips, Samsung, and Toshiba.

The average power consumption of a 75-inch TV is approximately 158.3 watts when operating under typical conditions, based on the data gathered.

Some manufacturers provide maximum power consumption data, of the models that included max. data the average maximum power consumption was 322.2 watts.

How many watts a TV uses depends on the brand, display technology, age, and specific model you have.

Photograph of 75 inch TV mounted on wall over low hutch.

Are 75″ TVs Energy Efficient or Power Hungry?

Compared to other household appliances, TVs are pretty energy efficient. For example, the average air fryer uses 1,604 watts, compared to 158.3 watts for a 75″ TV. The big difference in power consumption comes from the amount of time that each appliance is running. (See table below.)

Household ApplianceAverage Running Wattage (W)Average Running Time/Day (hours)Watts Used/Day on AverageCost/Day (Based on 15.47 cents per kWh)
75 Inch TV158.35.4854.82$0.13
Refrigerator Freezer608480.0$0.07
Air Fryer16040.25401.0$0.06

As you can see, even though you might only use your microwave for only 15 minutes a day, it can cost about the same as the average 75″ LED TV turned on for 5.4 hours.

How Many Watts Does a 75″ TV Use in Standby Mode?

Across all of the TVs that were able to gather data for, over 462 in total, the average standby mode power consumption was less than 1 watt per hour. And a quick calculation shows us that at a rate of 1 watt per hour, a typical TV in standby mode would use 24 watts per day, or 720-watt hours in a 30-day month.

U.S. Energy Information Administration data shows that the average residential electric rate per kWh is 15.47 cents. For a TV that uses 720-watt hours (0.72 kWh) the cost to power a TV in standby mode for a month works out to be just over 11 cents per month. Given how cheap it is to power a TV in standby mode, it wasn’t factored into any of the electricity usage calculations.

Power Consumption of 75-inch TVs by Brand

Hisense 75 Inch TV Wattage

Hisense offers LED TVs in the 75-inch size category.

The average operating power consumption for a 75-inch Hisense LED TV is 400.0 watts.

LG 75 Inch TV Wattage

LG provides LED options for 75-inch TVs.

The average operating power consumption for a 75-inch LG LED TV is 115.4 watts.

Philips 75 Inch TV Wattage

Philips offers LED TVs in the 75-inch size category.

The average operating power consumption for a 75-inch Philips LED TV is 273.0 watts.

Samsung 75 Inch TV Wattage

Samsung provides both LED and QLED options for 75-inch TVs.

Here’s the average power consumption for each type:

  • LED: 96.0 watts
  • QLED: 123.3 watts

*Please note actual power consumption may vary depending on the specific model and individual usage habits.

TV Energy Consumption: 75″ Screen Size Average Operating & Maximum Power Data

BrandDisplay TypeAverage Operating Power Consumption (W)Average Maximum Power Consumption (W)
75″ TVs Overall158.3322.2

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the power consumption of a 75-inch TV can vary depending on the brand and display technology. It’s important to consider these factors when purchasing a new TV, as they can impact your electricity bill and overall energy usage. Always check the specific model’s power consumption to get an accurate estimate for your TV watching habits.

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